Warrior's Pouch


Warrior's Pouch


Once David had slain Goliath, he was suddenly a rock star. Fame, fortune, and royalty were right in front of him. However he knew he couldn’t fight by himself. He needed men alongside him in order to take down the enemies that taunted his people. David was known for fighting with his “Three”: Jashobeam, Eleazar, and Shammah. They were a mighty force to be reckoned with. Get your “Three” and start slaying some giants. Purchase the Warrior’s Pouch in order to lead your men through the battles that will wage against them.

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  • 5 online videos (under "Resources" Tab)
  • 3 x Cavetime books
  • 3 x Sling books
  • 3 x authentic slings
  • 3 x Slaying Giants stickers
  • Invitation to private Cavetime Slingers Facebook Group
  • Weekly Conference Call with Jeff Voth

*In order for the other men in your group to be on the Cavetime Slingers group and Conference call, please email the contact information of the other men to tyler@cavetime.org. Include: Full Name, Number, Email, City, State, & Country