Giantslayer's Pouch


Giantslayer's Pouch

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“As they danced they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” (1 Samuel 18:7)

David became pretty good at slaying giants. He was even known for fighting with the same sword that he killed Goliath with. It was a constant reminder of what God did that day in the valley of Elah. The Books of Samuel talk about “The Three” and “The Thirty” as pretty important entities that did more than just help David take down their enemies. Jashobeam is described as being the leader and is said to have killed 800 men in a single encounter. The Bible talks of a fight in which Eleazar and David take on a complete battalion of Philistines single-handedly. Eleazar’s hand was “welded” to his sword from the fight. And then there was Shammah. One of his greatest acts of valor was defeating a whole troop of Philistines while guarding a field of lentils and barley. It says he stood alone and defeated them by himself.
Surround yourself with men of valor.

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  • 5 x Cavetime books
  • 5 x Sling books
  • 5 x authentic slings
  • 5 x Slaying Giants stickers
  • BONUS: 5 x Dog Tags
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