Defending the Feminine Heart

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Defending the Feminine Heart


#1 Best Seller on Amazon: "Jeff has touched on a critical issue - the way our culture does not care for women.  He has a plan for making a huge difference."  - John Eldredge, NY Times Best-Selling Author of Wild at Heart

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"As a father of two daughters I am grateful that you are calling men to a higher standard and giving them hope and clarity in a world of despair and confusion."
Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture Founder and Pastor

"Jeff details the stories of simple men who made valiant last stands on a moment’s notice that will pierce your soul. The candor with which he shares his own struggles is both convicting and encouraging.
You don't need to have a wife or daughter to understand the importance of this message. If you have the X and Y chromosome, buy and read Defending the Feminine Heart, because a wall of properly constructed men defending the daughters of the King is what is needed now more than ever before in history."
Cliff Graham, author of the Lion of War book series

In, Defending the Feminine Heart, Jeff Voth exposes Satan's tactics to destroy the role of masculinity, in order to capture God's daughters - our wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers. Woman was taken from the side of man where she could be protected, covered, and defended. First breached in the Garden of Eden, the enemy has strategically degraded the masculine wall in his pursuit to harm the feminine soul.