Our mission is to fully equip & engage 1000 Slingers weekly. 


Most men spend their lives desperately searching for purpose—that elusive flame that smolders deep within. Cavetime exists to kindle fire in the hearts of men. Slingers are groups of men who have purchased a Slingers' Pouch in our Shop. Once you've purchased a "pouch", you will be invited to a private Facebook Group composed of over 250+ men across the globe. It is an amazing opportunity to join with men in and outside of your community. By purchasing a Slingers' Pouch, you will also have access to a weekly conference call with author Jeff Voth called the Battle Briefing Call. 

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Before David was king, he was a shepherd. Most looked down upon the profession of shepherding . . . long work hours, dirty, and little pay (if any). Yet shepherding his flock was the exact training David needed to take down Goliath. David’s training in private took down giants in public. Purchase the Shepherd’s Pouch and watch your training guide you through circumstances that will equip you to slay your giants.


Once David had slain Goliath, he was suddenly a rock star. Fame, fortune, and royalty were right in front of him. However he knew he couldn’t fight by himself. He needed men alongside him in order to take down the enemies that taunted his people. David was known for fighting with his “Three”: Jashobeam, Eleazar, and Shammah. They were a mighty force to be reckoned with. Get your “Three” and start slaying some giants. Purchase the Warrior’s Pouch in order to lead your men through the battles that will wage against them.


David became pretty good at slaying giants. He was even known for fighting with the same sword that he killed Goliath with. One of his greatest acts of valor was defeating a whole troop of Philistines while guarding a field of lentils and barley. It says he stood alone and defeated them by himself.
Surround yourself with men of valor.



Do you have a question about Cavetime? Do you have a question about Slingers?

We have developed a group of men called "Slinger Coaches" who can help you along the way.


Their info is below!

Angel Cruz - Texas - (254) 535-1044

DJ David - Oklahoma - (580) 212-3433

Michael Kelly - Kentucky - (859) 421-6584

Jason Clark - Kentucky - (513) 265-2165

Alex Hunt - California - (417) 830-1588

John Waite - Colorado - (303) 807-9167